I’m a wife, a mom, a Catholic convert, a writer. I have two children and will have several more, God willing.

2009 was a spiritually transformative year for me. I began as a dissatisfied Southern Baptist. I had stopped going to church. I prayed every day, but my mind was not often on God. After a powerful and frightening experience in May, God called me home to His Church over the course of the summer, and the Holy Spirit has truly changed me. My conversion story is here. If you are interested, I also recommend reading Scott and Kimberly Hahn’s Rome Sweet Home. Scott Hahn was a Presbyterian minister prior to his conversion to Catholicism. He and his wife converted and are now Catholic apologists. Rome Sweet Home is the story of their “Journey to Catholicism.” It’s a short and accessible read during which you’ll want to keep your Bible handy (a Protestant Bible will work just fine).


I like coffee, chocolate, books (real ones with pages and smells), mellow music, Settlers of Catan, Scrabble, and all things Pride & Prejudice.